All the features you need...

Manage client records

Full client management including storing client documents

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Book appointments

Easily plan your week & book appointments

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Care Plan Management

Actively manage a clients care plan, including monitoring goals

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Invoicing & finances

Automatically send out invoices and manage your finances

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Incident Management

Manage incidents from start to finish for continuous improvement

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Store resources

Store your policies and procedures all in one place

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PRODA Compliant

Bulk upload feature for NDIS registered providers

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Integrate to other platforms including Xero.

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Built for the Australian
care & support sector


Fully loaded with features

Manage your day to day operations from client management through to booking appointments for staff.

Available on web & mobile

Caretaskr is available via a modern browser or through the workers mobile app available on iOS and Android

Client management made simple & easy


Details client profiles

Store everything you need to know about your client, from addresses, Likes, dislikes, guardian details and more.

Create client connections

Link a clients contacts to their profile, making it easy for you to know who plays a part in your clients life.

Store client service agreements& assessments

Easily store your services agreement and assessments for a client in one place.

Manage client care plans and goals


Create care plans

Easily create care plans that show the work you are doing with the client and match them to client goals.

Create client goals

Create long term and short terms goals in the care plans and record your clients progress against these goals.

Link funding to goals

Seemlessly link a clients funding to a specific care plan or goal, making it easy to show the work you're doing.

Create shifts with ease in seconds


Create appointment types

Create appointment types that enable the quick creation of appointment and billable entries.

Worker check-in / check-out

Workers can check-in and out from appointments, notifying you when they are at the appointment for lone worker safety.

Multiple calendar views

See all your appoitments for the business, including by team view. Configure what you see in your calendar view.

Shift notes recorded easily & in detail


Create notes for each shift

Creating shift notes is easy. Each time a worker check-outs from an appointment, the system will remind them to record their shift notes.

Store internal only notes

Need to record notes for internal consumption only? Use the internal note function and being able to seperate internal notes from client specific shift notes.

Store documents & evidence

Have the ability to store images, videos and other documents with your clients notes.

Reducing the time spent invoicing


Reduce time with automated invoicing

Have your invoices automatically created and sent out to clients at a time set by you. Caretaskr can automatically take all your billable entries and add them to an invoice and send to client.

Bulk upload to NDIS

If you're NDIS registered, you can use the PRODA bulk upload function to get paid directly from the NDIS.

Integration to XERO

Caretaskr allows you to integrate your invoices with XERO accounting software. Coming June 2022.

Manage workers with ease


Record your worker information

Store your workers details including emergency contact information, allocate them to a team and more.

Manage worker accreditations

Store your worker accreditations, certioficates, rights to work etc within each workers profile and keep track of when they expire.

Record worker timesheets

Have your workers create timesheets which you approve.

Providers that use Caretaskr...